bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Solution to your pet's hair

pet hair cleaner vacuum

Our pets are irreplaceable members of our family, without whom life would not be the same.  Yet our carpets and floors have not been the same since they walked inside the house. The addition of bObsweep PetHair to your family can ease this dilemma.  Dog or cat hair, whether long or short, will inevitably and persistently shed. Pet hair especially has a special magnetic to carpets. Pets do not have shoes to take off before entering the house and their conspicuous paw prints leave guilty trails.   Often some of the two legged members of our family have tragic allergies to the pets we love so dearly.  Feel confident when a surprise guest enters your abode that Bob will conceal your identity as a crazy cat-lady.

Bob PetHair's automatic floor-cleaning capacity, together with his extra-large brush, effectively take the hair off your carpets and floors. Bob's side brush will collect the hair from those hard-to-reach corners. Once Bob PetHair is turned on or set according to your timetable, he will brush through and clean floors of all types--rugs, carpets, hardwood floors, etc--free of your pet’s hair more easily than a vacuum cleaner.

Many of our animals, particularly dogs, do not have a healthy relationship with traditional, monster-like vacuums.  bObsweep PetHair however, has a reputation for charming pets. Bob will challenge your place as their best friend, and they will chase him around as he mops, vacuums and buffs your floors to perfection. Cats love stalking Bob as he glides past and dogs like racing him as he cleans up their flyaway fur. Bob is so cautious he won't collide with your pet and will change his direction before hitting them. Read stories of our customers' experience of their pet's interaction with Bob.




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